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Benefits of Office 365 Online Exchange

Hosted exchange email for business makes a lot of sense. There is no need to buy expensive IT equipment and pay heftily for licenses. No need to worry about backup power and outages, downtime and hardware failures. With Exchange Online there is minimal configuration required to meet any
business’ policy set. There is no need to be a rocket scientist when it comes to Exchange Online.

Security and reliability from Microsoft provides protection for your information with amazing capabilities. Built-in to the cloud anti-virus and anti-spam filters protect your inbox and reliable always- on connection to the exchange server ensures instant updates to all compatible and listed devices.
Globally distributed redundancy proves resilience of ensuring data protection. Microsoft Exchange service comes with 99.9% uptime, financially-backed guarantee so your business can focus on achieving the corporate goals rather than to fix an in-house exchange server.

Services such as Office 365 Exchange Online Toronto does more than just emails. It gives a business great opportunity for collaboration between departments with tools such as OneDrive and shared calendar.
OneDrive lets all employees at every level of the organization to create, store and share files rapidly and securely. No need to have a dedicated file server if the drafting department of an organization needs to show large Autocad file to a superior or approval department. And there is no need to burn CDs or DVDs and carry them across workplace. OneDrive integration with Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Toronto is seamless and instant. Files transfer over the internet fast thanks to Quality of Service (QoS) qualities of file transfer. It probably takes less time to upload a file to OneDrive than to burn a disc.

Office 365 Hosted Shared Calendar helps employees across the departments work with each other’s schedules and tasks. Exchange calendar with hosted exchange email system can help office employees sync in with remote employees, for example field sales people can be aware of office sales team’s schedule and transparently setup meetings without ever picking up the phone or emailing other office workers.
What can a Managed Service Provider do to help make things easier?
A managed service provider (MSP) employs technicians that have hundreds of accumulative hours of experience configuring and deploying Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Toronto businesses. These technicians can take not of your compliance policies and recommend proper setup and delivery of
exchange email and synchronized calendars. MSP businesses such as Managed IT Service providers in Toronto can setup workstations, laptops and even employee smartphones to talk to hosted exchange server with push notification for instant updates to all authorized devices.
How to choose a service provider that helps setup and maintain Exchange Online?
It is of utmost important to trust your corporate communication in the hands of proven and reliable service providers that have Microsoft Reseller Certification. Be sure to ask for credentials and avoid fly- by-night service providers that can leave you and your business hanging. Most top service providers will setup Office 365 Exchange Online Toronto in less than 5 business days depending on the size of your company.


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